Festival Success & Updated Links

Several weeks ago I published a blog post entitled Animation Festivals, After Effects & Amazing CalArts Films.  In the post I explored several possible reasons why my film The War Profiteers has been such a failure in the festival circuit.  Ironically enough, The War Profiteers was finally selected to screen at a major film festival earlier this week.  This particular festival has since asked me to password protect the film on Vimeo and replace it with a trailer.  You may also have noticed that several other films from my previous blog post have been password protected.  This is because those films were also selected for festival screenings.  Unfortunately, I have been asked not to reveal the name of the festival my film was selected for until after the press-release has taken place.  In the meantime, this post is meant to update my previous post, congratulate the filmmakers and further advertise their work by posting trailers for their films.

The War Profiteers Trailer:

Drifters Trailer:

Meejin Hong told me she decided to re-edit Sugarcoat so she’s password protected it in the meantime.  So, instead of posting a trailer here’s her 2011 Reel:

Calvin Frederick’s film Bermuda was also selected into a major festival and he was asked to password protect it.  However, he hasn’t made a trailer yet so I decided to post Hangin’ With Mr. Kuper instead.  Hangin’ With Mr. Kuper is an incredible Motion Control, aka MOCO, exercise he developed for the CalArts Motion Control workshop, previously taught by the legendary MOCO operator Helder K. Sun, who became too busy to teach the class at CalArts when he was hired as the Director of Photography for the animated television series Robot Chicken.  Just to see how bonkers of a camera move he could make, Calvin animated a ball on the most complicated path of an Anatex Original Roller-coaster.  The exercise is named after Kuper, the MS-DOS software that’s used to control most motion control rigs including the one at CalArts. When I first posted the photograph of my girlfriend and I sitting next to the CalArts MOCO rig on Facebook, Kirsten Lepore left a comment that just said, “Hangin’ with Mr. Kuper.”  I’m not sure who made up the phrase, but now whenever you ask a CalArts MOCO user what they’ve been doing they usually say, “Hangin’ with Mr. Kuper.”

In my previous post I mentioned Quique Rivera’s masterfully crafted new stop-motion film El Delirio Del Pez Leon.  Here’s the trailer:

Also, Drew Christie told me that his film Song of the Spindle has most likely run its course in the festival circuit and he’s uploaded it online.  It’s an awesome film and has since become a Vimeo Staff Pick.  Check it out:


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